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House, M.D. Fans: Meet the Author of Chasing Zebras: the Unofficial Guide to House

Just for Chicago area HOUSE, M.D.  fans!

Stop by Barbara’s Bookstore UIC on January 20 at 6 -8 pm for a reading from and discussion of CHASING ZEBRAS with author Barbara Barnett!




Pursuing Ivy: The In-State Tuition “Bargain?”

Sigh. So here I’ve been, trying to convince our son that he should consider the flagship university of our state system — the University of Illinois (at Urbana-Champaign). Hey, if it was good enough for your dad…Actually, U of I is a great school, ranked in the top 50 of the highly coveted US News college rankings. The business and engineering colleges are ranked amongst the best in the country. It has always been known as a great value for Illinois residents (which we are). When our daughter applied in 2004, the tuition and room/board total was less than $15,000 per year, literally one-third the cost of comparable private schools. The actual tuition was $6,000 (room and board are pretty standard no matter which college you want to attend — public or private). A terrific value, no?Continued here