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ECW Press Books on TV interview

ECW has posted an interview with me talking about Chasing Zebras. Hope you like it and pass the word. Thanks for your support!


Survey of the House, M.D. fan community

I am doing a very unscientific survey of the House fandom for a very large project, which will become public in the next few months.

Thanks for participating in this. Please let me know if I can quote you or use your name (and which name—screen name or real name).


  1. When did you first start watching the show?
  2. What first drew you to it—made you come back and keep watching?
  3. What do you like best about the show?
  4. What annoys you (if anything) and why?
  5. In what ways do you think the show has changed over the past years?
  6. Do you like it more, less or the same, and why?
  7. House is really several shows in one. There is the medical mystery, of course, the patients and their stories, the hospital characters and their stories—and then there’s House and his story. Is there one aspect you watch for? Or the show as a whole? Elaborate.
  8. Do you advocate for any of the various relationships on House? Which one(s)?
  9. Who are your favorite writers on the series? Least?
  10. Favorite episodes —try to name one for each season if possible
  11. Least favorite episodes?
  12. The since mid-season one, the series has worked through various character arcs and story arcs: Vogler, Stacy, Tritter, Survivor arc, for example. What do you think of these…too long, badly crafted? Wonderful? Please elaborate on what you like and dislike about them?
  13. Do you read fanfiction? Why? Do you have a particular preference for the type of House fanfic?

New House, M.D. Poll–Best episode to submit to the Emmy panel (if nominated)

This may all be an academic discussion if House isn’t nominated for best drama next Thursday, but I’m running a little poll on Blogcritics. A little pre-nomination day speculation, as it were.

Participate right here

Still Lovin’ House, M.D After Five Seasons!

New article for all you House and Hugh Laurie lovers—



House, M.D.–Saviors: my take

What did everyone think of Monday night’s House, M.D. episode “Saviors?” I thought it was awesome and very reminiscent of, say, season two. Loved it. My complete review is up at Blogcritics.

I’m adding a new feature, exclusive to my WordPress blog. House Poll of the week. This week’s poll concerns Amber’s surprise appearance at the end end of the episode.


House Kills off Main Character

Thoughts about the episode? I’m speechless, but will try to write up the episode over the next couple of hours. I will post a link to Blogcritics when I’ve got it up there. Random thoughts:

I thought Hugh’s performance was heartbreaking and the entire episode took my breath away.

How very sad. Kutner was my favorite of the new fellows. He will be missed, as will Kal Penn.

Bold creative move by the House team to kill off a character in a non-finale episode. Should set the rest of the season’s episodes into motion for a real devastating fnale. 

Is Cuddy right about House? Is the case the only thing holding him together?

Is Wilson right and it’s just the puzzle?

And  what about that preview?????

Take the poll.


House, M.D.–The dangling questions

Reposted from BlogCritics.org

Monday night’s House, M.D. episode “Locked In” left fans with several unanswered questions (so what else is new!). In what was a great opening episode in the season’s final quarter, Dr. Gregory House (the ever-amazing Hugh Laurie) treated a patient with “locked in syndrome.” Although the patient (played by Mos Def) was cured and sent home to his wife Molly and his two kids, things are far from settled for House and the entire team.

So, as we prepare for the last five episodes of the season, here are the questions left dangling after the events of “Locked In” and the other questions raised earlier in the season that might be addressed before the finale in May (which is, by the way, provocatively called  “Both Sides Now”).

Note: I am deliberately staying away from the various rumors and spoilers swirling ’round the ‘Net.

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