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Taking another Look at House Season 2: “All In”

As summer goes on, I’m rewatching some of my favorite House episodes.  As I watch, I will post my take on each episode over at Blogcritics magazine.  And add some additional comments here in my personal blogspace.

The basics:  House diagnoses a young boy Ian, who has symptoms eerily similar to a case from 12 years ago in which his patient died.

What I loved:

  • House in a tuxedo!  Hugh Laurie was especially handsome in that gorgeous tux with velvet trim–and the silver handled cane.  Lovely.  Lisa Edelstein as Cuddy was also gorgeous in that sapphire velvet evening gown.
  • Intense House.
  • House unable to hide his anxiety and desperation from his team.  I don’t think they’ve ever quite seen him so fragile.
  • House’s games with Wilson on the phone to keep Cuddy distracted
  • House breaking into the coffee bar
  • Balcony scene with Wilson and House
  • House with Ian at the end
  • Best moment:  House’s emotional reaction to the confirming test, followed by piano playing.

and here’s my complete review and analysis of the episode


House Season 2 Episode Guide Part One

Welcome to the “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process” House episode guide (Part Three).  This entry covers the first half of season two, which (at least as far as the show’s narrative is concerned) ends with episode 11, “Need to Know.” 

Part 2 can be found here

Be sure to read parts one and two for season one mini-reviews. Starred (*) episodes are my (subjectively) recommended “must-see” episodes; links are to more in-depth reviews.  This episode guide is completely subjective and the mini-reviews should in no way be considered general episode recaps.  As have I oft said.  I watch <i>House</i> for House and that brilliant British actor who portrays him:  Hugh Laurie.  So these mini-commentaries tend to focus on his character arc above any other character’s story.  So, on with it!  I’ve added for season two a “favorite moment” (or two) for each episode.  Usually they’re moments of introspection or a House character reveal, but not necessarily.  What are your favorite moments?  Let us know in the comments section!

As season two got underway, House’s love for and resentment of Stacy continued to create internal conflict for him, as he alternately   sought ways to win her back and to punish her.  By mid-season, House and Stacy were together (albeit briefly).  But realizing that nothing had really changed between them, and that he could not put himself through the emotional turmoil of losing her again, he sent her back to Mark.  Highlights of the first half of season two included the brilliant “Autopsy,” the unusually told “The Mistake” and the essentially two part “Failure to Communicate”/”Need to Know.” Continue reading House Season 2 Episode Guide Part One