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Are you ready for the House, M.D. Season finale?

I have seen the season finale (minus the last two minutes), but have not seen tonight’s episode yet. I will enjoy it later with the rest of you all.

The finale is incredibly good, with a grand setting but not action oriented. The episode contains what is arguably the series most poignant moment (or one of a handful of them). It’s intense, emotional a beautifully written episode with echoes going all the way back to season one.

If the schedules can be worked out, I’ll be interviewing Doris Egan (who wrote Baggage) sometime this week to preview the finale. Then the day after the finale, I’ll be talking to House executive producers and the finale’s writers to wrap up the season and talk about the finale. That’s in addition to my usual episode commentaries.

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FYI BarbaraBarnett.com is being re-designed. I noticed that a lot of people are clicking on it. It will up and running with excerpts and giveaways and much more by the end of the month.

Lisa Edelstein Interview–Transcript

As promised:

Q:                                So, as the season began, knowing that there was a whole group of new doctors coming in, did you have concerns as to how Cuddy was going to fit in with the sort of remixed version of the show?


L. Edelstein                 I felt the least affected.  I think both Wilson and I felt the least affected by that.  Certainly you wonder how they’re going to manage to give any of us anything to do with so many characters on a show, but they seem to have managed.  It’s really the same structure where you have the inner workings of the case and then the B and C stories of what’s happening amongst the personalities of the main characters, and it’s been great.  It’s a wonderful new group of people, and they have shown up with lots of excitement and eagerness, and they have great attitudes.   So it’s been a wonderful experience.


Q:                                Do you sense movement in Cuddy’s character in recent seasons?  Do you sort of see a place that she’s going from here?


L. Edelstein                 I do.  I really think that her character has been filled out and that her relationship with House has become a beautiful, complicated, adult relationship filled with all kinds of subliminal messages.  And it’s fun to play, and even when they don’t write it, I put it in.

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