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Welcome to the End of the Thought Process

Hi.  Welcome to the end of my thought process at The End of the Thought Process.  The title is taken from a line in the House, MD episode Autopsy.  House is always several steps ahead of everyone else on his team.  After hearing each of his fellows offer an opinion, Chase finally arrived at the destination House had intended.  He said to all:  “Welcome to the end of the Thought Process.”  I just thought that was a great line, and one that says so many things about the words that emerge from the fingertips and onto the (virtual) page.  So there you have it. 

I’ve had a Live Journal blog for a little more than a year, and I will gradually move all of my posts over here, but for now, if you want to see what I’ve been up to over there (mostly House, MD fanfiction and reviews) please click here.

My decision to move to WordPress came after I began writing for BlogCritics.  I decided that I needed a more flexible personal blog than LiveJournal offered, so…

My fanfiction can be found here

A note about my banner:  I took that photograph in the Canadian Rockies last summer in Jasper, Alberta.  It’s one of my favorites (of about 1,000 photos taken during my two weeks in Alberta).  So I hope you like it.

Barbara (sasmom)


House-Cuddy FanFiction, anyone?

OK, so now that the season has ended with House and Cuddy set to make a go of it–and since I’m busily wrapping up Chasing Zebras for publication and have little time the next few days to work on much other writing, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and provide links to all my House-Cuddy fan fiction.

I’ve been writing the House-Cuddy relationship since the latter half of season two. Some of the stories are quite long and others are little bitsy pieces. While most are complete, a few are WIPs. So, sit back, relax–and I hope you enjoy them!

Disclaimer: none of the House characters of mine, they are simply lovingly borrowed from TPTB.

NOTE: The stories are listed most recent first. So if you want read in order start at the bottom. Enjoy and let me know whatcha think!

1. Of Cabbages and Kings

Post “Both Sides Now.” House’s struggles at Mayfield. The title is taken from “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll. The Walrus and The Carpenter is a poem recited by Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee to Alice on her adventures in Wonderland.

2. Wonderland

House tries to cope with Kutner’s death and the multitude of losses suffered in the past year.

3. The Broken Path

House slowly recovers from the physical and emotional impact of “Wilson’s Head.

4. Cocoon

A little thought piece that takes place towards the end of the episode

5. A Normal Life

Takes place during season 4, but after Games. A tragic case leads to reconciliation between Cuddy and House

7. All In

Not based on the Season 2 episode written for the Cuddyfest prompt: Cuddy reacts to House’s faked brain cancer

8. Pas deDeux

Written and xposted to Cuddy Fest for the prompt: House watches Cuddy Dance

10. Pictures at an Exhibition

Complete. House deals with Foreman’s resignation and his growing attratction to Cuddy. Spoilers from House Training through the finale.
11. Imagining

What takes place after the end of Fetal Position.
12. Trapped in Broken Maze

Post halfwit. House is deals with his chronic pain problem. HouseCuddy friendship… Some references to events and discolsures in No Exit and Transitions. You don’t have to read those first, but it helps in understanding Cuddy’s relationship to House
13. Transitions

Complete! Continues from the No Exit. House leave rehab. Very much explores House’s relationship with Cuddy.

15. No Exit

Complete, with room for a sequel House makes a fateful decision after his dark night of the soul.
16. Dark Night

Missing scene from the end of Merry Little Christmas. Cuddy visits House after Wilson leaves. Spoilers for MLC. HouseCuddy friendship.
17. Breaking Point

Postep for Finding Judas. House goes home after cancelling Alice’s surgery.
18. Aftermath

Introspective piece following set towards the end of Son of Coma Guy. House reflects on what happened back in Atlantic City. A bit HouseCuddy
I couldn’t resist. I had to try and get into House’s head as he spends the night in jail
20. French Suite No 5

Happens after the credits roll for Skin Deep. HouseCuddy friendship.
21. Esther

Post episode for All In. House reflects on a lot of things as Cuddy visits him early the morning after the poker tournament.
22. Closure

It’s not really closure. In his office late at night, after the carpet layers and Cameron have gone, House reflects.
23. The Gift

House stands vigil as the carpet installers remove the new carpeting

24. loss

Cuddy suffers a terrible loss. HouseCuddy friendship.
26. floating

House undergoes the experimental Ketamine treatment. He finds an ally and more in Cuddy. Story is pretty much about their relationship postshooting and into early season 3.

Chasing Zebras: THE Unofficial Guide to House, M.D.–A new book about the hit series

Chasing Zebras: THE Unofficial Guide to House, M.D.

Coming September 2010 from ECW Press–and now available for preorder on Amazon.com

A new book about the series House, M.D.!

Also, please visit my author site for updates on the book, excerpts, etc. in the weeks to come.

Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House, M.D. is the essential companion to one of television’s most popular and fascinating series. Using her unique perspective and insight into the show, writer Barbara Barnett, noted as “one of the industry’s leading experts on the series,” immerses fans new and old into the heart and soul television’s most compelling series. It will be a dog-eared resource for seasoned fans, an indispensable atlas to anyone new to the show, and valuable guide to students of television, film and pop culture.

House, MD is a study in contradictions: straightforward medical procedural on the outside; intricate character drama within. No wonder the acclaimed series is the most watched television show in the world.

Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House, M.D takes readers deep within the series’ rich layers—into the heart of its central character and his world:

Who is this medical Sherlock Holmes? Is he simply a misanthropic jerk with a brutal sense of humor–or a tormented romantic hero in the tradition of Byron?

  • How do House’s colleagues and patient relate to and reflect him and each other?
  • How do the music, settings, even the humor enhance our understanding of the series narrative?
  • What does the series say about modern medicine? Ethics? Religion?


Writing about  House for Blogcritics magazine, I thought it would be nice to develop a book to serve as a guide for the intelligent fans of the show. Rather than a straight-on episode guide, I wanted to do a book about the series’ character and story narratives and the themes, it would provide intelligent and thoughtful analysis of the complex series.

I’m not really a television watcher, but when I started watching House, I was immediately drawn to the writing and the indelible performance of Hugh Laurie as the central character. Always fascinated by romantic anti-heroes, especially “Byronic Heroes,” I felt that there was much lurking beneath the surface of this “medical procedural drama.”

Like my Blogcritics.com blog “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process,” Chasing Zebras takes readers between the lines and action and takes an introspective look at House and his world.

House demands deeper thinking and analysis than most TV shows. Sure it’s fun to laugh at House’s antics; cringe at his anti-social behavior and grin the interplay between the characters. But the show is much more than that. House is meant to provoke discussion and thought. House offers commentary on everything from ethics to mental illness, race, relationships, family dysfunction, sex. The scripts are fragile and intricate Faberge Eggs and half the fun is getting inside them to poke around and find the inner depths within the writing and performances.

Survey of the House, M.D. fan community

I am doing a very unscientific survey of the House fandom for a very large project, which will become public in the next few months.

Thanks for participating in this. Please let me know if I can quote you or use your name (and which name—screen name or real name).


  1. When did you first start watching the show?
  2. What first drew you to it—made you come back and keep watching?
  3. What do you like best about the show?
  4. What annoys you (if anything) and why?
  5. In what ways do you think the show has changed over the past years?
  6. Do you like it more, less or the same, and why?
  7. House is really several shows in one. There is the medical mystery, of course, the patients and their stories, the hospital characters and their stories—and then there’s House and his story. Is there one aspect you watch for? Or the show as a whole? Elaborate.
  8. Do you advocate for any of the various relationships on House? Which one(s)?
  9. Who are your favorite writers on the series? Least?
  10. Favorite episodes —try to name one for each season if possible
  11. Least favorite episodes?
  12. The since mid-season one, the series has worked through various character arcs and story arcs: Vogler, Stacy, Tritter, Survivor arc, for example. What do you think of these…too long, badly crafted? Wonderful? Please elaborate on what you like and dislike about them?
  13. Do you read fanfiction? Why? Do you have a particular preference for the type of House fanfic?

A new bit of fanfiction

I’ve decided to jump back in to writing House fanfic after a hiatus (and a couple of aborted stories). This one will span the time between seasons five and six (like “Floating did between seasons two and three). Not sure if time will permit me to write all summer (working on several other projects, including, of course my regular Blogcritics feature–and something bigger, which I hope will come to fruition within the next several weeks).

anyway…here’s the link. The first three chapters are up, and I hope to update it a couple of times each week (or more frequently as time permits).

Hope you enjoy. Please rec if you do…


House, M.D. fanfiction: No Exit/Transitions

Mid season three, I wrote a fanfiction story that had House in rehab and in therapy with a psychaitrist to deal with both his emotional and physical issues. Thought I would repost it, given House being admitted to a pysch hospital at the end of Both Sides Now. We never saw House deal with his issues in season three after Merry Little Christmas, and nearly killing himself. But I do feel we’ll get to see some of that next season. Hope so…anyway, enjoy.

Title: No Exit
Category: TV Shows » House, M.D.
Author: Barbara Barnett
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Angst/Drama
Published: 12-27-06, Updated: 01-08-07
Chapters: 13, Words: 20,919

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

No Exit

Author: Barbara Barnett

Summary: House makes a decision in an hour of despair. House admits himself into rehab

Spoilers—through MLC (speculation for the future, but no spoilers)

Chapter 1

Christmas came and went and House sat on his sofa, still and sombre. The deal, the one he had fought so hard against taking. The deal, that in its final hours, had become a way out of the hell in which he found himself dwelling, had been revoked. Leaving House with no options.

He contemplated the past 72 hours: the pain, the humiliation of first Cuddy, then Cameron seeing him like that; stealing the Oxy and simply not caring anymore about anything. Just please let the pain stop. Let it not hurt anymore.

Summer had ended with something House had not felt in a very long time: hope. He flashed on the memory of burn he felt back then—was it only three months ago?–in his arms and legs, even his feet, as he pushed to finish that eighth mile. It had been so long since he had felt the lightness of flying through a park unaided by anything but the power of his two legs. One month, then two. He had silently thanked Moriarty (or whoever the hell he was) for shooting him and pushing him toward the radical Ketamine treatment. Had thanked him every day for the clarity he felt, his brain free of the opiates he sometimes struggled to fight through.

But then the vision changed. He was still running, but on a treadmill. The silence of the PPTH physio lab made the thump-thump of his running shoes echo through the dark. Wilson had challenged him. Wilson always thought he knew best, and usually House didn’t mind, until recently. Wilson didn’t want to believe that the ketamine was failing, when House knew that it was. The searing, ripping pain in House’s right quad was not a sore muscle. He knew that pain—was intimately familiar with it—like a playground bully come back to taunt him, tell him he’ll never be normal. Never again. Do not pass go; do not collect $200.00.

Continue reading House, M.D. fanfiction: No Exit/Transitions

A little fanfiction for the weekend

I was inspired by the House season finale to write a bit of fan fiction.  I hope you enjoy:

A cocoon. White and enveloping; all encompassing. The silence was a blessing (if blessings actually exist) because everything had been too loud and too constant: a barrage that not even Jimmy Hendrix could drown. Glass shattering, the searing squeal of shredded metal and the screech of useless brakes; voices arguing, eyes accusing—that was the loudest, it seemed. And here it was quiet; it was almost as if he had been struck by lightning, but of the gentlest kind (as oxymoronic as that sounded).

The crush of memories that from it ensued wracked his consciousness along with his conscience as reality set in. Dial-a-Wilson, this time, brought death, and he was tossed into the maelstrom: participant and spectator. Trapped with nowhere to run, and Wilson by his side, he couldn’t lie; couldn’t evade; couldn’t hide. He simply had to “be.” Pure truth has its price.

And now House knew; the last piece of a cubist (and hence impossible) jigsaw puzzle put in place before shattering in a rain of glass and horror. “Don’t do it,” he whispered from his 20/20 hindsight’s vantage; but the past cannot be altered. What’s done is done. What’s gone is gone; what’s dead is dead.

“Why her?” he inquired of a God that did not exist for him. “Why her? Why not me?” he implored. Sure it sounded trite, but it was an honest question, and one he wanted answered. One he needed answered.

“I…I…I asked her to find you,” the words stammered in disbelief as the pain of perfect knowledge seared House’s damaged brain. The power of speech abandoned him as Wilson finished the rest of his thought, gasping with recognition and a quiet fury that would have stopped anyone else in his tracks. But House knew the rest had to come out, had to be told; he had to know. “The truth will set you free,” the thought randomly pinging off a new electrical impulse in House’s battered brain. “But not today; not this truth,” another ping responded, sending an frozen wave through his nervous system.

“He’s seizing.” An echo from somewhere in the room, distant concentric circles of sound. And then nothing. It was quiet; warm and cool; safe. And for the first time in nearly two years, there was no pain. It no longer hurt, he was no longer unaccountably sad. Or angry; and he wanted to stay. There were no Moriartys nipping relentlessly at his mind; no ephemeral sirens whispering in his ear, telling him things he did not want to hear. There was nothing; all thought had fled and he simply “was.” It felt safe now, to open his eyes; the shaking had stopped and he no longer felt that he would go into free fall if he opened them.

House was taken by surprise at the brightness of the room, which, at last recollection was bathed in only the dim light of the procedure room. But, he then realized, he was no longer in the procedure room; the apparatus had been removed from his head. A bus? Where was Wils….?

Amber. Of course. But she was dead, wasn’t she? “Am I dead, too?” he asked, not really caring which way the response went.

“Not yet,” sly seductive. She was beautiful; had to give Wilson that, he pondered before remembering. It wasn’t fair, he argued, that she should be dead. She had found a way off the path; found redemption through Saint Wilson. Had won his love. It wasn’t fair.

“I should be.” But life isn’t fair. Had she said that, or was it his own conscience? Did it matter, since they were now apparently one and the same? There were no ghosts; no afterlife; no white light other than the brain simply shutting down when it was over. For good. She was no damn angel, that’s for sure. “I can stay here with you:” A question; a prayer; a plea.

“Why?” He felt compelled to explain, to be honest, as brutal as that seemed. He was afraid and it felt safe here; his father a distant, fuzzy memory: he could no longer feel the burning pain of his childhood. Not here; not with her. If this is dead, then bring it on. His leg, too. Ah, the leg: when had it stopped throbbing? It felt good; it felt whole. All pain had fled and was now but a distant memory.

The ache in his heart had long since become dull; the yearning for Stacy scarred over and fading, but never quite gone—until now. He felt at peace and at home. And of course there was Wilson, whose eyes burned into him from a vantage too close as House revealed the truth about that night. “You killed her,” said Wilson’s eyes.

“It doesn’t hurt here….” The words emerged with difficulty. “I…I don’t want to be in pain…I…” Amber glanced over at her seat mate on the white bus, and her heart shattered into a million pieces as she watched him openly weep.” She didn’t know he had it in him; or maybe she did, but not that close to the surface. It hurt her to tell him that he couldn’t stay; it was not his time.

“You can’t always get what you want…” And he willingly walked away from the light and back into his own darkness: the fog and the pain. And it hurt everywhere and suddenly like an anvil had fallen on him. His head; his leg; his heart all tried to cry out: “go back…go back,” fading and folding into the chaos of his mind. His eyes fluttered open, and he was disappointed somewhere in the back reaches of his mind.

A gasp to his left, but it hurt too much to turn towards it. Cuddy. “Blink if you can hear me,” her voice warm as honey and kinder than he deserved. An urge to speak to Wilson overwhelmed him. “I…I’ve got…” It was a hoarse whisper. Was it even audible, he wondered?

“Ssssh, ssssh, don’t try to talk; rest now.” She was so close, he was enfolded by the lilac of her spring perfume. His eyes closed again and he felt Cuddy’s hand on his, curling around it as if to hold him here among the living. He’d never known her to be cruel, but her touch compelled him to stay and not to float back towards the cocoon of light that, anyway, seemed to have faded into the distant reaches of memory.


Random thoughts on a cold spring morning

Welcome to anyone who happens by after clicking on my name over at Blogcritics.net.  I have been exceptionally wordy this month, and have made the list of top writers for the month of February, which earns me a direct link on the main Blogcritics page. 
So, I thought it might be appropriate at this juncture to offer something different and not on my Blogcritics writing space.First, as many of you know, I write mostly about House.  The TV show and the character.  And, by the by, the splendid actor who plays him—the magnificent Hugh Laurie.   
These days, I seem to write a lot of reviews, reflections and commentaries, leaving no time to write fanfiction, which I both write and write about (how “meta” of me!).  You can find all of my House fanfiction at fanfiction.net on my writer page.  I write angsty, and often long, stories that tend to fill in the blanks between scenes and episodes.I also have a LiveJournal where I write about House.  More reviews, fanfiction and discussion are to be had there.  
I also love politics and have a page at Daily Kos, the most famous progressive/liberal blog on the internet.  I haven’t written a lot there, because there are just many postings per day, that one’s posts tend to disappear within about five minutes, replaced by more recent ramblings, so… I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and some have pointed out that my laptop and I have become fused at the fingertips (which makes it awfully difficult to play guitar, which I have to do for a living, so I guess it’s a metaphor.)  I spend an inordinate amount of time surfing things Housian, but I suppose I could call that research.  Of course that doesn’t explain why I did that even before I started my blog.  YMMV (as they say). 
My favorite House places are:  The Official FOX House page (especially since they’ve linked directly to my Blogcritics House Trivia Quiz–have you taken it yet?) and House’s House of Whining (a fan forum).  My favorite forum is “Hugh Laurie: Too Handsome for Paperwork.”  I cruise to a couple of livejorunals for news, like House Daily (for the pretty pictures) and House-MD for news.  
For news, I like MSNBC.com, especially the Keith Olbermann page (he’s wonderful…not balanced…but wonderfully wry, dry, intelligent, and on our –my–side of the political spectrum)  I also read the New York Times, CNN.com, and of course Blogcritics. 
So, how did I get here?  My official bio says that I have had an eclectic and eccentric career, and that’s true.  I’ve been a microbiologist, a business magazine associate editor, a food industry newsletter editor, a regulatory affairs scientist/analyst in the chemical and medical device industries, an environmental public affairs consultant and policy analyst, an environmental writer and (for the last 12 years) a Jewish Educator/cantorial person (Hey, talk about your mid-life career change!).  I have two novels in progress (they’ll never be finished, this is much more fun), and two children, more or less still in progress (although the older one is graduating college next month, so I guess, she’s almost a finished product).  
This all makes me sound older than I intended, but I confess to being 53 (sigh) and married for 27 years.   So, welcome to the end of (my) thought process for today.
 Hope you come back again after you’ve browsed around a bit.