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Hugh Laurie’s Elusive Emmy Award

Article first published as Why Hugh Laurie Must Win the Emmy in 2010-Part 1 on Blogcritics.


Dear Emmy Awards People:

I know that the nominations will not be announced for another three weeks, but the buzz has already begun. And I thought it was my duty to weigh in on one of Emmy’s most egregious oversights in recent years.

So. Listen up! This is the year Hugh Laurie must finally get his due from you guys. House, M.D. is starting its seventh season, and although Mr. Laurie has been nominated in four of its five years thus far (boo, hiss for really missing that second season!), he has yet to receive one of those golden statuettes. This is the year. Really. Seriously. The. Year.

Read more: http://blogcritics.org/video/article/why-hugh-laurie-must-win-the/#ixzz0r4bUMWOM


Lisa Edelstein Petition for Supporting Actress Emmy…

I have been asked to pass this on and encourage you to sign the petition. Lisa Edelstein did a fabulous job this year with more challenges and screentime than she’s gotten since the season’s start. Between her baby Rachel and “big baby” House, her character had her hands full, so…click the link and sign on the line!