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Jennifer Morrison Interview now up on BC

I had the pleasure of interviewing the delightful Jennifer Morrison yesterday. For those who don’t know, she plays Allison Cameron on House, M.D. We had a great conversation about everything from Cameron’s growth, her relationship with Chase and what’s coming up.
You can find it here: http://blogcritics.org/archives/2009/03/04/161055.php


An Interview with Lisa Edelstein

The strike-shortened season of House draws to a close with what looks to be an exciting and emotional two-part finale. Part one, “House’s Head,” airs Monday night and concludes May 19 with “Wilson’s Heart.” The two-parter was originally to air following the Super Bowl, but was put off when the writers’ strike hit. (“Frozen,” guest-starring Mira Sorvino aired in its place.) In advance of the finale, Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy) chatted about the double episode, the series, and the compellingly sexy, yet adversarial relationship between dean of medicine Cuddy and iconoclastic diagnostician Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie).

Article continues here at Blogcritics

I will post the complete transcript sometime on Tuesday 😉