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Talking about House, M.D. on Fox Detroit’s morning show

Was on Fox 2 Detroit’s morning show! They were very gracious and kind. Thank you to all. Got to talk about House, M.D. and Chasing Zebras. You can watch here:



Lots of Media This Week for Chasing Zebras!

Busy, Busy Week for Chasing Zebras publicity.

This past week I did an interview with the Wheeling, Illinois Journal and Topics (for all you Northwest Suburbs of Chicago guys).

Also, reviews appeared on Crushable and other places.

Monday: I’ll be appearing on the FoxChicago Morning Show in the 8:50 segment!!!!! My first live studio interview on TV. We’ll be talking about the book, of course and about House, M.D. (maybe even Monday’s episode)

More interviews: Barry Grey @Studio101.com, NYGossip Gal and an interview with my alumni association magazine from High School. Very, very busy week.

Exclusive Magazine Reviews Chasing Zebras

From Exclusive Magazine


Book Reviews

Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House, MD
By: Barbara Barnett
(Paperback / 352 pages / Ecw Press / ISBN: 1550229559 / $17.95)Description: ‘Chasing Zebras’ is a resource for seasoned fans, an atlas for new viewers, and a guide for students of television, film and pop culture. It combines Barnett’s insights with details from her numerous interviews with the show’s writers, producers and actors.

Verdict: Now, and for the record, House is not my kind of guy – too rude – but the show appealed to me for some reason. This book helped me understand why. House claims he only cares about solving the medical mysteries, yet somehow you sense that he really has compassion for many of his patients. The book explains the subtle comments and signs that indicate he does.

It reflects skillful scriptwriting and acting. In addition, the book’s in-depth analysis of House as a brilliant but troubled person humanizes him and creates a level of sympathy that somewhat excuses his behavior. The other main characters are profiled as well. These profiles are a reminder that the more you know about someone – on TV or in real life – the more connected with them you feel.

What this book really did for me, though, was teach me to better understand and appreciate good scriptwriting. Author Barnett, whose own writing I found impressive, explains how the stories and the characters are developed and presented. I plan to watch the show more often, and will be looking and listening more closely for things that reveal motives and insights into the personalites of the characters. I think anyone reading this book will become a smarter viewer, not only of this series, but of other dramas. [JVO]

Buy Chasing Zebras everywhere in paperback or in Kindle

Book Signing and House Talk! Chasing Zebras Now on Kindle!

House Fans in the north/northwest chicago suburbs:

Join me Thursday night 6:00 PM-9:00 PM at SOMETHINGS BREWING’s “BREW AFTER DARK”

1126 E.Washington in Grayslake.

I’ll be there to talk House and sign books!

In other news, Chasing Zebras is now available in Kindle version from Amazon.com

Of course, the print version is available on Amazon and most online sellers, as well as most traditional bookstores worldwide.

New Radio interview about House, M.D. and Chasing Zebras

I did an interview this afternoon on CKWR Canadian radio. MsHouseFan was nice enough to record it :). Thanks!

Scene Magazine Loves Chasing Zebras

London, Ontario’s Scene Magazine, an arts and entertainment weekly reviewed Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House. Here’s what they said:

For any fan completely stoked about the return of Gregory House to the Fox TV network this fall, pay close attention – Chasing Zebras: The Unoffi cial Guide to House, M.D. is the perfect primer and referential resource for this fantastic show. A major benefi t to sourcing unofficial material when it comes to program compendiums is that readers are privy to alternative insights and perspectives that don’t always make it into a sanctioned book. By the same token, author Barbara Barnett has accessed many people on the creative staff behind the show, which has helped shape her comprehensive analysis. Barnett claims she can be considered obsessed when it comes to House, and her fanaticism is the key component that sells this book, as she gently draws readers into her obsession as well. The book allows fans the opportunity to brush-up on certain episodes, or get a bigger picture of how the show has developed over the course of six seasons. But there’s a lot more here than just programming notes. Barnett discusses the criticisms that fans had regarding casting changes, and how the network attempted to resolve them. She explores the technical modifi cations Fox made to commercial breaks, which interrupted the program’s pacing and literally forced transformations to the format of the show. Because of this depth, Chasing Zebras offers more to readers than standard television compendiums might normally. It’s a level of attention that even House himself would likely respect. –Brian McQueen

Chasing Zebras is available now in the U.S. from your local bookseller (B/N, Borders, many independents) or from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble or Borders online (or your favorite online bookseller). The book will be out in Europe and worldwide October 28.

CONTEST: A Scavenger Hunt Through the new Book Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House

A Chasing Zebras Scavenger Hunt:

In honor my first book Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House, M.D. and its recent launch, I’ve decided to have a contest (with real prizes) to thank you all for buying (and hopefully enjoying) the book. The contest requires you to have a copy of Chasing Zebras otherwise, the questions are mostly quite difficult to answer.

I realize that there was a delay from some booksellers (including Amazon) to fill many orders, but by now your book should have arrived (or shall shortly). Because of the delay (and not to leave anyone out), I’ve reserved one prize to be awarded randomly from among all entries to the contest. (So take your best stab if you don’t have a copy of the book handy.)

First prize is a Blu-ray set of of the Season six DVDs; in addition, there are several runnerup prizes. Winners will be announced at the Chasing Zebras Launch Party Sunday, September 19 (and you are all invited!). Details are here.

There are 10 questions. Email your responses to me at sasmom1@gmail.com by noon Sunday, September 19 (Central US time). Good luck–and don’t forget to RSVP to the Launch party if you’re coming (sarah@ecwpress.com), or if you can’t be there in person, follow the party on Twitter (@CZ_LaunchParty)

1. What character trait does House share with Rick Blaine from the movie Casablanca?

Disillusioned Idealist

2. Psychologist Dr. Robert Spector a wonderful expression to describe House in “Diagnosing Dr. House.” What is it?

A mensch disgusted with the idea

3. Whose biography has occasionally sat on House’s piano according to the book?


4. What third season guest star starred in an Oscar-winning film by Cameron Crowe?

Patrick Fugit

5. Which episode is highlighted in Chasing Zebras to explore House “struggling to do the right thing?”

Role Model

6. Why is the chapter on the character of House called “Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know?”

It is how Lady Caroline Lamb described the poet Lord Byron and by default–all Byronic heros

7. What is the Center for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases and what is its relation to House?

The new center bears a strong resemblance (on a much higher level) to House’s diagnostics practice

8. About the nature of which relationship does Chasing Zebras ponder whether it’s symbiosis or codependence?


9. There are several episode photographs and formal portraits of the cast and characters throughout the book. One of them is in the chapter on season six? From which episode is the photo?

Known Unknowns

10. The chapter called “Coincidence vs. Divine Intervention” uses which episodes to discuss this recurrent House theme?

Unfaithful, Here Kitty, Locked In.

Congratulations ShamansStorm2 (Cynde Janis) can you email me your email address @sasmom1@gmail.com?

Reflections on the Birth of Chasing Zebras

Article first published as A Book is Born: Reflections of a First Time Author on Blogcritics.

As Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House, M.D. hits the shelves this week, I thought I’d offer my reflections on how it feels to be a first-time author.

Read more: http://blogcritics.org/books/article/a-book-is-born-reflections-of/#ixzz0yPB5J4dk

You Are Invited to a Book Launch Party!

Chasing Zebras News

The official launch date of Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House M.D. is Wednesday, September 1 (less than a week away and two days after my birthday). So—here is the latest news:

Please be sure to sign up to join the Chasing Zebras Forum on my “official” website. The forum will be for discussion of the book (feel free to argue with me, debate, discuss or ask questions–but as always, civility will reign). Here’s the link.

The launch party details are set and everyone’s invited. A formal invitation will be shared here, on Facebook and Twitter (and by email. The date is September 19 at Goose Island Brew Pub in the beautiful Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago. If you are in town or near Chicago, c’mon and join us. If you can’t be here and would like to attend, you can join the virtual party on Twitter at http://twitter.com/CZ_LaunchParty.

With the launch forthcoming this next week, if you don’t see CZ in your local booksellers don’t be afraid to ask about it 🙂 and if you like the book, please do share your thoughts with others around the fandom. I hope you do like the book!

You can pre-order Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House at Amazon.com