House-Cuddy FanFiction, anyone?

OK, so now that the season has ended with House and Cuddy set to make a go of it–and since I’m busily wrapping up Chasing Zebras for publication and have little time the next few days to work on much other writing, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and provide links to all my House-Cuddy fan fiction.

I’ve been writing the House-Cuddy relationship since the latter half of season two. Some of the stories are quite long and others are little bitsy pieces. While most are complete, a few are WIPs. So, sit back, relax–and I hope you enjoy them!

Disclaimer: none of the House characters of mine, they are simply lovingly borrowed from TPTB.

NOTE: The stories are listed most recent first. So if you want read in order start at the bottom. Enjoy and let me know whatcha think!

1. Of Cabbages and Kings

Post “Both Sides Now.” House’s struggles at Mayfield. The title is taken from “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll. The Walrus and The Carpenter is a poem recited by Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee to Alice on her adventures in Wonderland.

2. Wonderland

House tries to cope with Kutner’s death and the multitude of losses suffered in the past year.

3. The Broken Path

House slowly recovers from the physical and emotional impact of “Wilson’s Head.

4. Cocoon

A little thought piece that takes place towards the end of the episode

5. A Normal Life

Takes place during season 4, but after Games. A tragic case leads to reconciliation between Cuddy and House

7. All In

Not based on the Season 2 episode written for the Cuddyfest prompt: Cuddy reacts to House’s faked brain cancer

8. Pas deDeux

Written and xposted to Cuddy Fest for the prompt: House watches Cuddy Dance

10. Pictures at an Exhibition

Complete. House deals with Foreman’s resignation and his growing attratction to Cuddy. Spoilers from House Training through the finale.
11. Imagining

What takes place after the end of Fetal Position.
12. Trapped in Broken Maze

Post halfwit. House is deals with his chronic pain problem. HouseCuddy friendship… Some references to events and discolsures in No Exit and Transitions. You don’t have to read those first, but it helps in understanding Cuddy’s relationship to House
13. Transitions

Complete! Continues from the No Exit. House leave rehab. Very much explores House’s relationship with Cuddy.

15. No Exit

Complete, with room for a sequel House makes a fateful decision after his dark night of the soul.
16. Dark Night

Missing scene from the end of Merry Little Christmas. Cuddy visits House after Wilson leaves. Spoilers for MLC. HouseCuddy friendship.
17. Breaking Point

Postep for Finding Judas. House goes home after cancelling Alice’s surgery.
18. Aftermath

Introspective piece following set towards the end of Son of Coma Guy. House reflects on what happened back in Atlantic City. A bit HouseCuddy
I couldn’t resist. I had to try and get into House’s head as he spends the night in jail
20. French Suite No 5

Happens after the credits roll for Skin Deep. HouseCuddy friendship.
21. Esther

Post episode for All In. House reflects on a lot of things as Cuddy visits him early the morning after the poker tournament.
22. Closure

It’s not really closure. In his office late at night, after the carpet layers and Cameron have gone, House reflects.
23. The Gift

House stands vigil as the carpet installers remove the new carpeting

24. loss

Cuddy suffers a terrible loss. HouseCuddy friendship.
26. floating

House undergoes the experimental Ketamine treatment. He finds an ally and more in Cuddy. Story is pretty much about their relationship postshooting and into early season 3.

3 thoughts on “House-Cuddy FanFiction, anyone?

  1. Thanks a lot Barbara… lots to check out when I get the time… some I know already but always handy to have it listed up…
    Succes with the bookrelease… much anticipated!
    kind regards,
    Elisabet ( tantevespa)

  2. Thank you! I´m a big fan of you and the House/Cuddy relationship. It´s great to have all these fics for the summer.

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