House M.D.’s “Baggage”

Published first at Blogcritics Magazine:

Since his release last autumn, House (Hugh Laurie, in an understated and poignant performance) has continued his treatment between the lines and behind the scenes. But in this season’s penultimate episode House, M.D. episode “Baggage,” we get to be flies on the wall as psychiatrist Dr. Daryl Nolan (the brilliant Andre Braugher) picks at the tough scabs that scar House’s soul.

Nolan puts House through a raw and sometimes brutal self-examination full of reveals and resonances—and the sort of episode that fans of the more introspective House have been craving for months. Writers Doris Egan and David Foster have created a gorgeous and intricately wrought script—off the formula, but still with a medical mystery at its heart.

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2 thoughts on “House M.D.’s “Baggage”

  1. A Doris Egan question:

    At the beginning of the epi House suggests a correlation between his leg pain and the probability of rain. A little later in the epi we see, through Nolan’s office windows, that it has started raining. I am curious about whether or not there is some sort of significance to this. Rain is generally associated with tears and unhappiness; for House, his physical pain is exacerbated by his unhappiness, his emotional pain.

  2. So often we see House staring out into the rain. It seems to add to his overall gloom–something he always seems to be fighting.

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