Lisa Edelstein Petition for Supporting Actress Emmy…

I have been asked to pass this on and encourage you to sign the petition. Lisa Edelstein did a fabulous job this year with more challenges and screentime than she’s gotten since the season’s start. Between her baby Rachel and “big baby” House, her character had her hands full, so…click the link and sign on the line!


5 thoughts on “Lisa Edelstein Petition for Supporting Actress Emmy…

  1. Thank you once more Barbara for posting this from all of the Lisa Edelstein fans who think she has done an outstanding job this year in her role as Lisa Cuddy.

  2. i couldnt agree more. its high time she’s gotten her due recognition, she’s a fantastic job especially this season, Hugh is one half of that show and she’s the other half…award her!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this!

    She deserves the recognition and even though this petition can not really influence her nomination at least it can raise some awareness and put our Lisa in the spotlight.

    You are the best !

  4. Thanks once again Barbara for posting this on here.

    Means a lot to us Lisa Edelstein fans that we make a point to everyone that she deserves some recognition. Like Eve said, we know this can’t really make a difference whether she decides to enter herself for a Emmy nomination or she does…but just to show our support and prove to others that there are many people out there who believe just like us and agree that LISA OUT DID HERSELF IN SEASON 5. She was brilliant and her outstanding performances deserve to be applauded and awarded! 🙂

    Thank you SO MUCH!

  5. I’d rather not, I think she’s a decent actress most of the time but let’s face it, she’s not Emmy material. But thanks for using your personal blog to promote Lisa Edelstein.

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