House season finale–Both Sides Now

Review is up at Blogcritics. Hope you enjoy.

3 thoughts on “House season finale–Both Sides Now

  1. Barbara:

    Blogcritics either is down or overloaded. The whole site’s inaccessible, not just End of the Thought Process.

    Did you need proof that we all value your insights?

    Hope it’s up soon, as I’m dying to read your latest installment!

  2. nc–the server is having some problems. It’s up now (at least it was a few minutes ago. It’s intermittent, so keep trying and refreshing. My apologies. Enjoy the review.

    1. Oops, they still need to hire another gerbil for that treadmill! 😉

      Darn it.

      I guess I’ll have to wait a while longer.

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