House, M.D. wraps up May 11…

After the shock of Lawrence Kutner’s (Kal Penn) suicide in the last episode of House, M.D., it’s hard to think of what might happen in the future. The shock of Kutner’s abrupt departure is the sort of thing usually reserved for season finales. However, there are still four more episodes to go! I can’t even imagine what House brain trust has in store for us in the weeks to come. But I can tell you a one or two things I do know for certain. First, expect to see more of Cameron and Chase in the coming weeks, and look for House to react to Kutner’s death in unexpected ways. And–a television icon makes an appearance in the season finale.

In the aftermath of Kutner’s suicide, House (the brilliant Hugh Laurie) suffers from apparent insomnia. Or could it be something more serious? House, M.D. builds up to its May 11 season finale over the next several weeks, as the folks at Princeton Plainsboro continue to deal with tragedy of Kutner’s death.

The entire staff reacts to the suicide, but none more so than House, himself. In “House Divided” (April 27), Ryan Lane guest stars as Seth, a deaf teenager who “hears” explosions, while House’s insomnia play tricks on his mind.

In “Under My Skin” airing May 4, House and his team treat a ballerina (Jamie Tisdale) whose lungs collapse during a performance. House, still unable to sleep, tries desperate measures to find rest. And in the season five finale “Both Sides Now,” comedy legend Carl Reiner appears as a clinic patient.

House airs Mondays at 8:00 p.m. (ET).


1 thought on “House, M.D. wraps up May 11…

  1. House’s need to know the answer is part of the reason for his worrying the puzzle, but not the only reason. I think House is obsessed with Kutner’s suicide not just because he apparently missed the little things. In Kutner, he saw his possible future, and it was jarring. Kutner was solitary like him (watching tv while eating cereal after an emotionally wrenching case), and didn’t give out much personal info; but then, nobody really asked for much, or implored him to join them after work at the local watering hole. (House was asked once, and actually did it!)
    He subconsciously feels his treatment of Kutner may’ve contributed to his suicide. All the characters got spotlight episodes but Kutner; he seemed more like the diagnostic 5th wheel. He didn’t really matter. And he got snide remarks from House when some of his suggestions should’ve gotten at least an “attaboy”. Expecting a pat, he gets a slap, from an idolized mentor. House thinks he is good at reading people’s emotional temperature, and this proved he isn’t as hot as he likes to think he is.

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