House MD year-end review on Blogcritics

I’ve published my House, MD in review over at Hope you enjoy, comment and join the discussion.

1 thought on “House MD year-end review on Blogcritics

  1. I noticed an exchange between House & Wilson in ‘ You Don’t Want To Know’ that pretty clearly indicated that House had tested a sample of Wilson’s blood without Wilson’s consent or knowledge. They spend some time on the exchange and then to my knowledge it hasn’t been raised again. Given nothing is ever wasted in Hiuse MD, what do you think House was searching for ? Why would he be testing Wilson’s blood. My first thought was he had been taking a DNA sample for matching to various banks in order to locate the proverbial ‘missing brother’. I can’t think of any other reason for House to have done it. Cuddy had already rejected Wilson as a sperm donor and Wilson wasn’t ill. No one mentioned it in the episode review. Your thoughts Barbara ?

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