Update on House, etc.

After taking a writing week off post 2008 election (yea! Obama), I’ve been a very busy writing bee.  I posted up three new articles on Blogcrtics yesterday, and here are the links:

an interview withe Executive Producer Katie Jacobs (this link is now fixed–sorry!)

My review of “The Itch”

Review of the great CD/DVD set “Hoggin all the Covers” by Hugh Laurie’s band, Band from TV.  The album has been done to serve the noblest of purposes and all profits are going to charity, so please consider buying it!

4 thoughts on “Update on House, etc.

  1. Hey Barbara: I didn’t see the interview post with Katie Jacobs or the nasty comments but I can imagine. There is a section of the fan base that could kill this terrifically written show. Please don’t let them destroy your enthusiasm for your reviews.
    I loved (just loved)the Episode last night ‘Emancipation’. So layered and thoughtful. To me it was about forgiveness ( by loved ones & yourself) and family and specifically Wilson’s & House’s underlying issue with Amber’s death. Hugh Laurie’s fiecrc acting and Robert Sean Leonard’s human warmth & kindness just grapped my heart. I actually cried watching House’s reaction to the girl’s guilt, and I don’t cry easily. The sound track was spot on. I don’t want to loose this show for a few years yet !

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