An interview with House, MD writers Doris Egan and David Foster

The fifth season of House, MD is off to an intense and exciting start, finding House and his best friend Wilson on the outs in the aftermath of Amber’s death at the end of last season. After a slightly uneven fourth season, House seems to have kicked back into high gear this year. The first three episodes have been packed with drama, keeping the lighter moments as grace notes of comic relief.

Hugh Laurie continues to be the best actor on television, setting a high benchmark for serious television performance. And Tuesday’s episode “Birthmarks,” written by veteran House scribes Doris Egan and Dr. David Foster will likely be counted among the series’ most important episodes, exploring both House’s difficult relationship with his parents and his complex relationship with Wilson.

Egan and Foster kindly sat down with me earlier this week to talk about “Birthmarks” and the series. David Foster has been writing for House since season one, and has written some of the most compelling explorations of House in the series, including “DNR,” “All In,” and “Informed Consent.” He also serves as a medical consultant producer on the series, being a full-on medical doctor. (I’ve hear that he owns his own stethoscope and everything!)


7 thoughts on “An interview with House, MD writers Doris Egan and David Foster

  1. Hi, I’m a French journalist for Altitude, ( magazine dedicated to science and technology. In each issue, we have a portrait of a personality. In our next issue, we have planned to make a portrait of Dr. David Foster, who works as scribes for House. I have read your conversation of Dr. Foster and find it very interesting. I’ll use with your permission some elements of your text for my article. But I also need to contact him, I need his approval on this article and few elements of biography. Please tell me if you can help. Many thanks, Martin Bellet

  2. Hallo.
    I am a doctcor and i’m trying to make contact with the script writers of house series because i had a cace that was very interesting.I don’t care about money,i just want to help the script writers by saring my story with them.

    If you are interested please answer.

  3. House is a great show and I really enjoy watching it. I am a CT technologist and my wife is a pediatrician, and neither one of us has ever seen or been in a hospital where physicians are so well trained that they are qualified to operate every imaging modality in use today, ie-MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound, as well as perform Interventional Radiographic procedures without so much as a Registered CT Technologist in the room.
    These technologist study and train for years to become proficient at using the high-tech CT,MRI or Nuclear Camera imaging systems that appear on the show.
    It is an insult to the viewer as well as the technologist who perform diagnostic studies to just write them out of the show.

    Eddie Cockerham, (RT) R (CT)

  4. I would like to know if you are interested in a story of a pain doctor being persecuted by the federal government, ending in license suspension, loss of home, and loss of everything they own.

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