A little Season Five House speculation…

Three weeks and counting. Everyone excited about the House, MD season five premiere? It will be a big week, indeed; first, the season premiere, then just a few days later the Emmys. I really do think that this is certainly Hugh Laurie’s year. (But, then again, I say that every year… sigh…)

But this year, Laurie submitted “House’s Head,” a brilliant and brave, emotionally raw and simply stunning performance. As I’ve noted before, Laurie was in nearly every frame, and he hit not one off note. What an emotionally exhausting performance that must have been. If he does not capture the Emmy this year (hear that, Emmy voters?) there simply is no justice in Emmy-land. Greg Yaitanes also undoubtedly deserves an Emmy for directing the incredibly difficult and complex episode. As for the series itself, nominated for Best Drama, whatever you may have thought about the season as a whole, this may indeed be its year with “Frozen.” What “Frozen” shows Academy voters is a slightly more accessible Gregory House (and significant exposition about the character, as well as much chemistry between Laurie and guest star Mira Sorvino (as Cate). So fingers (and toes) crossed for wins all ’round.

So, with just a few weeks to go ’till the premiere, I thought it was appropriate to offer my personal wish list for season five. I know you all must have expectations and hopes for the new season — well, here’s the place to let them be known (if only to me and your fellow readers), offered for discussion and debate.

Where we last left off: Amber has died; 13 has discovered that she is positive for the Huntington’s gene; House hasn’t spoken since his last memory recollection (at least not consciously, and except through that incredibly sad gaze at Wilson from his hospital bed). Now awake, post-seizure (during which, according to Katie Jacobs, Hugh Laurie was so physically into the performance, he knocked over an IV and sliced his hand and foot!), House lies in the ICU with Cuddy at his side (holding his hand!).

The big question, of course is how House and Wilson’s relationship will suffer and play out over the first half of the new season. We know (cover your eyes, oh spoiler virgins!) that Wilson resigns his position, and that he needs to “get away,” maybe out of New Jersey altogether (no stereotypically snarky remarks about New Jersey, folks!). At the start of the season, Wilson has been on bereavement leave for several weeks. There are other factoids and rumors out there about what will be, but I’m not going there. Just the facts, guys.

rest of the article is here


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