Taking another Look at House Season 2: “All In”

As summer goes on, I’m rewatching some of my favorite House episodes.  As I watch, I will post my take on each episode over at Blogcritics magazine.  And add some additional comments here in my personal blogspace.

The basics:  House diagnoses a young boy Ian, who has symptoms eerily similar to a case from 12 years ago in which his patient died.

What I loved:

  • House in a tuxedo!  Hugh Laurie was especially handsome in that gorgeous tux with velvet trim–and the silver handled cane.  Lovely.  Lisa Edelstein as Cuddy was also gorgeous in that sapphire velvet evening gown.
  • Intense House.
  • House unable to hide his anxiety and desperation from his team.  I don’t think they’ve ever quite seen him so fragile.
  • House’s games with Wilson on the phone to keep Cuddy distracted
  • House breaking into the coffee bar
  • Balcony scene with Wilson and House
  • House with Ian at the end
  • Best moment:  House’s emotional reaction to the confirming test, followed by piano playing.

and here’s my complete review and analysis of the episode


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