Looking ahead to next season’s House, MD


Written by Barbara Barnett
Published May 30, 2008

Part of Welcome to the End of the Thought Process: House MD

The finale episodes, “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart” left me (as I’m sure they left most of you) speechless and maybe even in tears (not in small portion due to the stunning performances of Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, and Anne Dudek). And, as every good cliffhanger should, the final scenes left us with a lot of questions on our collective mind. For example, why was House drinking himself to oblivion at five in the afternoon?

But, of course, the big question to ponder over the summer is: What is to become of House and Wilson’s friendship? And certainly, the two questions are connected. In the current TV Guide, series executive producer Katie Jacobs says that we should be worried about the relationship between House and Wilson. Has House’s neediness led to the inadvertent and tragic death of Wilson’s new love Amber? Will Wilson blame House, and if so, what will it take for Wilson to forgive him? We also don’t know whether the deep brain stimulation procedure undergone by House has harmed him in any way. Did Wilson ask too much of his friend, asking him to risk irreparable brain damage or death on the chance there was something else locked in his brain?


2 thoughts on “Looking ahead to next season’s House, MD

  1. really good post! all true. i don’t think the producers would let the electricity effect house’s great brain, because the series is already full of fragile changes, and that would change the ENTIRE thing. too bad about thirteen :(.

  2. Oh no. So now House has suffered a nervous breakdown. Will he be on antipsychotics for the rest of his life? And how will they interact with the Vicodin which he somehow or other will probably squirrel away?

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