A note about the “Wilson’s Heart” last night

Sigh.  Double sigh.  I am speechless.  Completely.  I have just finished writing my review of the episode, and it will be up later tonight or sometime tomorrow morning on Blogcritics.org, and then here later in the day as I have time to post it.  Always has to go there first.

I was blown away completely.  Thank you House, MD for really hitting it out of the park last night.  All I have talked about all season was how the emotional resonance was missing from the season, and we really got it over the last two weeks.  Brilliant script; sensitive and careful direction from Katie Jacobs and fabulous performances from the entire cast.  Kudos to you all!

Love to hear what you thought of “Wilson’s Heart,” so feel free to comment here (for now).



2 thoughts on “A note about the “Wilson’s Heart” last night

  1. Clever, classy, gut wrenching, heart warming. HL, RSL scenes were so deep even without words. Excellence in their craft. They cannot lose their friendship but that’s why the relationship needs to be explored post Amber. How did it begin? What does Wilson’s brother have to do with it etc.The ethical quest Wilson asks of House to choose to give up his life for Amber and House does choose it for Wilson’s sake. Please don’t cloud it with a possible trist between H + A. Good for Cuddy to ‘stand by her man’ but may H not mock her for doing so. Glad the old team comforted each other. Great parallel of 13 with storyline and surprized that H cared enough to confront her. I’m gonna shrivel up till new Season. Great job KJ, DS, cast and crew; you’re #1 for sure!

  2. I sooo sooo loved the last two episodes! I think their one of the best episodes ever on House! I’m still speechless… and more curious than ever about the next season. By the way: thank you so much for your reviews, Barbara! You do an amazing job!

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