“House’s Head”– a quick note

What did you all think of last night’s episode?  Amazing?  Brilliant?  One of the best in the entire four years of the show?  Certainly worth waiting for–and what a stunning way to lead into part 2.  And so unfair to make us wait a week!

What did you all like best?  By the way, I think this has to be Hugh’s emmy submission!

I will have my review of the episode up later today, so be sure to check back here or on Blogcritics (where it will appear first).

Later today, I will be interviewing two of the guys who wrote last night’s episode:  Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend to get their persepctive on the episode, the season and maybe a hint or two about next week and next season.  Do not look for that article to appear until next Monday morning, however.  I may give a tease or two…but the article will have to wait.

Also, later today, I will post the transcript of last week’s Lisa Edelstein interview.  It will only appear here and not on Blogcritics.

See ya later….


5 thoughts on ““House’s Head”– a quick note

  1. Hugh was fantastic and the bus crash was very well done, however, the episode still left me cold.

    I suppose the reason for that is because I really wanted this episode to show me some hint that TPTB had plans for something…*anything* other than House/Wilson on the brink and Huddy sex.

    Oddly, despite adding to the cast, it seems like “House world” has gotten smaller instead of larger. Characters other than Wilson and Cuddy may appear on the show, but they’re not permitted any real development or connection to the story. (For all of David Shore’s talk of Chase and Cameron’s “empowerment” in their new positions, we’ve seen none of it, and Foreman’s main purpose anymore seems to be eyerolling.)

    Even during Foreman’s overdone resignation arc last season we still got bits of developement for other characters (Chase’s growth and Wilson’s admission of depression come to mind).

    It’s really my own fault for continuing to hope that they have any plan in mind at all for CCF, when in fact both the writing and TPTB’s own admission suggests that they never gave where they were going with them a serious thought.

  2. Amazing,brilliant, all of the above! Yes, this episode made me so happy, I can’t get it out of my mind. I keep rewatching it and find more wonderful parts every time. There is no way I can choose a favorite scene, but the last ten minutes (did you notice there were no commercials?) were probably the best written, produced, and definitely acted television I have seen in a long time.

    I never gave up on this show no matter what the problems have been this season. There has been enough good stuff in each episode to keep me watching and liking it. I am most interested in House, the character, and every show has something for me to think about, even though I would prefer more introspection mixed with the medical mystery and the fun, more like the balance achieved in the previous seasons.

    This episode is back on track in all ways. I repeat, I can’t stop thinking about it, and I can’t wait for next week’s conclusion. There is not one other show on television that I can say that about.

  3. This last episode is Emmy Award material.
    I freakin’ loved it!
    It left me stunned and excited about next weeks finale !

    As a Huddy shipper I was spoiled as well !

  4. I agree fully with CAR’s comments. There was not a more riveting, surprising, well-produced, and well-acted show on the whole of television this entire season than the final 10 minutes of “House’s Head”. Cannot wait to see if “Wilson’s Heart” can top it.
    Meaning no disrespect to michelle and others who feel as she does, the show would be called “PPTH”, or something similar, if the entire cast was to be showcased and ‘developed’ fully as characters. There is a reason the show is called “House”, and all peripheral characters, including Cuddy and Wilson, exist on the show to help us to explore and understand this most fascinating character.
    Perhaps TPTB should consider a medical spin-off, rather than one featuring a private investigator (!), giving the characters of Chase, Cameron and perhaps other new characters room to expand and explore in their own universe.

  5. Nice to see you all over here 🙂

    I agree with you HL_L that they can’t really focus on all of the characters or will no longer be House anymore.

    This episode was amazing. I’ve finished my review and await its posting in the next couple of hours, or so.

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