Stormy weather usually brings colder weather.  Yesterday’s brought practically balmy breezes towards Chicago, and I awoke to 60 degrees (never mind that it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.)  I’m ready for spring.  Really.  My irises and lilies of the valley are ready for spring.  Time to put the old car window scraper back in the garage for the season.

What’s with American Airlines?  All those cancellations and service problems.  I’m told that it’s the inspecting agency who’s been lax all these years.  Imagine that!  A regulatory agency of these United States lax during the Bush Administration?  Hard to believe, I know.  Glad my daughter is coming home for Passover on United next Thursday.  That’s all I can say.

And speaking of Bush.  New poll numbers put him in Nixon territory. ‘Bout time, dontcha think?  What amazes me is that 28 percent of Americans actually think Bushie’s doing a good job.    approve (better word?) of Bush’s performance.  On WHAT???!!!!!  On lying? On dismantling the Bill of Rights? On emasculating the House and Senate? On declaring himself king? (oops, sorry–head of a “unitary” executive branch).  I guess you can fool some of the people all of the time.

And speaking of Passover.  So this will be the first time, ever, that we’re doing a (mostly) vegetarian seder.  I say “mostly” because for the carinvores and traditionalists in our family, I do want to have something familiar for them to eat.  After all, they’ve always accomodated our need to only have kosher (and now meat-free altogether) food in their homes, so it’s only fair.

The menu: (always subject to change)

  • Mock chopped liver
  • Pareve chicken soup (I have a recipe that the writer swears is indistinguishable from the real stuff)
  • Home-made gefilte fish (just like grandma made–my mom never has had a clue about how to make it)
  • Magic roasted veggies (magic, because there just too easy to make)
  • Gingered orange sweet potato casserole
  • Matzo farfel with mushroom kugel
  • Veggie terrine
  • Turkey breast (for the meatatarians)

 Any other ideas?????  We’re new at this vegetarian thing. Our teenager spent a high school semester in Israel last year and came home a vegetarian in June…we decided his reasoning made sense, so we followed him, albeit a bit lest strictly (we eat fish, he doesn’t).    I’m really hoping to get a knockout passover main course that will knock everyone’s socks off, so I’m open to suggestions, as I begin to prepare for the holiday.





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  1. Hi! I found your blog through WordPress tag surfer. Your menu for Pesach looks fabulous, but, um…no brisket? You’re a stronger woman than I am!

    Ideas? I can’t help with a meatless main course, at least not tried and true, but I have a fabulous recipe on my blog for macaroons (5 ingredients) and a Passover-friendly desert (dairy) called Individual no-crust cheesecakes. I won’t link directly but the blog’s linked to my user name if you’re interested. Say hi if you stop by!

    (I’m sick of snow too. It’s still on the ground in my part of New England.)

  2. Thanks. Glad you stopped by. No brisket. I’m not a big brisket person, and there’s only a couple of meat eaters, so a nice turkey breast should work well.

    I’ll stop by and catch your recipe. My daughter’s in New England (Mass.) at college (she’ll be home Thursday night for a week for Passover.)

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