Random thoughts on a cold spring morning

Welcome to anyone who happens by after clicking on my name over at Blogcritics.net.  I have been exceptionally wordy this month, and have made the list of top writers for the month of February, which earns me a direct link on the main Blogcritics page. 
So, I thought it might be appropriate at this juncture to offer something different and not on my Blogcritics writing space.First, as many of you know, I write mostly about House.  The TV show and the character.  And, by the by, the splendid actor who plays him—the magnificent Hugh Laurie.   
These days, I seem to write a lot of reviews, reflections and commentaries, leaving no time to write fanfiction, which I both write and write about (how “meta” of me!).  You can find all of my House fanfiction at fanfiction.net on my writer page.  I write angsty, and often long, stories that tend to fill in the blanks between scenes and episodes.I also have a LiveJournal where I write about House.  More reviews, fanfiction and discussion are to be had there.  
I also love politics and have a page at Daily Kos, the most famous progressive/liberal blog on the internet.  I haven’t written a lot there, because there are just many postings per day, that one’s posts tend to disappear within about five minutes, replaced by more recent ramblings, so… I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and some have pointed out that my laptop and I have become fused at the fingertips (which makes it awfully difficult to play guitar, which I have to do for a living, so I guess it’s a metaphor.)  I spend an inordinate amount of time surfing things Housian, but I suppose I could call that research.  Of course that doesn’t explain why I did that even before I started my blog.  YMMV (as they say). 
My favorite House places are:  The Official FOX House page (especially since they’ve linked directly to my Blogcritics House Trivia Quiz–have you taken it yet?) and House’s House of Whining (a fan forum).  My favorite forum is “Hugh Laurie: Too Handsome for Paperwork.”  I cruise to a couple of livejorunals for news, like House Daily (for the pretty pictures) and House-MD for news.  
For news, I like MSNBC.com, especially the Keith Olbermann page (he’s wonderful…not balanced…but wonderfully wry, dry, intelligent, and on our –my–side of the political spectrum)  I also read the New York Times, CNN.com, and of course Blogcritics. 
So, how did I get here?  My official bio says that I have had an eclectic and eccentric career, and that’s true.  I’ve been a microbiologist, a business magazine associate editor, a food industry newsletter editor, a regulatory affairs scientist/analyst in the chemical and medical device industries, an environmental public affairs consultant and policy analyst, an environmental writer and (for the last 12 years) a Jewish Educator/cantorial person (Hey, talk about your mid-life career change!).  I have two novels in progress (they’ll never be finished, this is much more fun), and two children, more or less still in progress (although the older one is graduating college next month, so I guess, she’s almost a finished product).  
This all makes me sound older than I intended, but I confess to being 53 (sigh) and married for 27 years.   So, welcome to the end of (my) thought process for today.
 Hope you come back again after you’ve browsed around a bit.  

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